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Full Version: Read before starting Posting
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No abuse towards fellow members, no flaming, and no accusing or offensive language is permitted, guilty parties will face heavy consequences.
  • No aggressive behavior or flaming in the forums.
    No foul language (and none at all on in titles).
    Please report any such offensive post to the Moderators.
  • Do NOT start any post/thread discussing any religion.

SEARCH before posting a new thread
Before starting a topic or asking a question, check the forums first to see if your question or the topic wasn't asked or posted before (other forum member(s) may have had the same problem or may have had the answer to your problem).

* You will have a better chance of getting the answers, if you post in the correct section.
* Tips and Tricks Section is for posting TIPS, SUGGESTIONS,TRICKS and not for asking them. Any newbies asking help in that section will be warned and their thread moved. As for the rest the threads will be locked without any reasons or deleted.

No P2P/warez/cracks/hacks/serial/keygens/apps/invites exchange/discussion is permitted on this website. If you are caught exchanging any then you will face serious consequences!
* Do NOT ask for help on installing or configuring any cracks.
* Do NOT ask for invites to WAREZ sites!
* Do NOT post links to copyrighted materials(Songs/eBooks/Applications etc)

Do not spam the forum: it won't help and it'll make your stay uncomfortable. The following are considered spam:

* Double posts (If you posted something and realized you made a mistake, use the edit option. If you make another post adjacent to your previous post, the new post will be considered as spam).
* NO REFERRALS. All referral links will be removed without notice. Referrals in signatures will also be removed.
* Posts that obviously serve no purpose other than upping one's post count (EG: +1, Thanks, TY,I agree, GJ)
* Personal posts like "I have a question for you" are considered as spam. They should be done via private messaging.
* Posts that contain large amounts of smileys and/or spaces to make it look like they contain useful information often don't.
* Do NOT tell people to read the Rules, the FAQ, or comment on their post count.
* Do NOT make comments to lock, move or trash topics. These are all Moderator decisions. Always use the REPORT Button. NEVER MINI MOD !
* Do NOT quote excessively. One quote of a quote box is sufficient. Edit the quote to make your point instead. Always remove large images when quoting a post.
* No self-congratulatory (it's my birthday, I am a n00b, etc.) topics of any kind are allowed. If in any doubt, ask a moderator for permission.
* Any other posts that the moderators deem inappropriate for other readers

* Try not to HOTLINK Images.
* Avoid posting in the wrong sections.
* Start posting valuable content rather than simply copy pasting
* If you still plan to copy paste. Paste the source so as to give the content owner credit. [Proper links must be provided]
* Have any suggestions for the forum? Drop a PM to the forum Moderators or Administrators.

Do NOT PM Administrators or Moderators with questions that can be asked in the forums. Post your questions in the appropriate forum section, you'll get a much quicker answer that way.
* No PM'ing WAREZ links to people just because you cant post them. If found Insta BAN.
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