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Full Version: Chrome, Firefox, IE10 Comparison w/Poll
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Chrome, Firefox, IE10 Comparison w/Poll

What Browser do you use? Comments on why, are welcome, but not necessary.

Out of my own curiosity, I made a little comparison of the top 3 browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer10,

ie; CPU usage and Memory usage.

Every browser works differently on every machine, too many variables to get in depth here.
I made this comparison for myself as I had noticed that out of the three I mentioned, I want to use the best
one for my needs and the one that uses the least amount of Memory & CPU overall.

My Comparison:

Starting with Google Chrome Using Task Manager;

Running Chrome with 1 add-on

[Image: GoogleChorme.png]

Very impressed with low running App Memory of only 69.9MB's and 0% CPU usage, however,
Chrome has 9 running processes using 510.2MB's of memory, plus the 69.9MB's, equals a total of 580.1MB's

Running Firefox with 9 add-ons. 2 extensions & 7 plugins;

[center][Image: Firefox.png]
1 running process @ 4.2MB's, plus 216.4MB's, equals 220.6MB's Memory usage and 1.4% CPU
You will also note, Chrome has 2 running background processes.

Running Internet Explorer 10 with 3 add-ons;

[center][Image: InternetExplorer.png]

Extremely impressive with a total of 154MB's Memory usage, 0 running processes and only .5% CPU usage.
Again, you will note that Chrome still has 2 running background processes.

Each Browser was used 1 at a time.

Next will show all 3 browsers open at the same time;

[center][Image: bowser.png]

Chrome using a total of 214.3MB's memory & 8.3% CPU
Firefox using a total of 199.4MB's memory & 5.7% CPU
Internet Explorer10 using a total of 159.5MB's memory & 3.6% CPU
FF & IE10 meet my needs, where Chrome lacks the ability to use/show the Menu Bar and by this comparison on my machine, seems to be quite the memory hog.
Looks like I'm leaning to switch to IE10
I have also noticed sometimes that Chrome is a big memory hog. Firefox too isn't lean on resources. It hangs or slows down painfully sometimes in some lower end machine configurations. That's why on Windows, I have started to use Pale browser instead.
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