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Full Version: Lock Win 7 like with Win 8 interface
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Step 1: Start WinLock Pro program
[Image: lock-win-7-like-with-win-8-interface-2.jpg]

Step 2: Lock the computer’s screen.

After activating the program, your computer will be turned to the lock mode. Then, you only need to enter the user name and password to finish the computer locking process.

Afterward, the interface of the lock screen will be the same as with Window 8 interface. On the screen, the time, date and month are also displayed.
[Image: lock-win-7-like-with-win-8-interface-3.jpg]

Step 3: Remove the screen lock mode.

If you want to disable the screen lock mode and return to use Windows, you only need to right click any position on the screen. A new interface will appear for you to enter the password to unlock. After opening the screen, your computer will be back to the initial stage and you can proceed with your work.
[Image: lock-win-7-like-with-win-8-interface-4.jpg]

WinLock Pro software not only can lock the computer’s screen during the usage process, it can also lock the screen at the computer’s startup. This function helps you manage the time for using the computer, control the computer’s operations, etc. In addition, the software has many other utilities for you to discover.
There are many ways to Lock Win 7 like with Win 8 interface above activities are also a great way
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