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Full Version: Advanced Security project help
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I am having issues with my advanced security project. Namely trying to figure out which is more Secure: Dynamic NAT or Static NAT, as well as how properly configure them. Before I go into that I'll give an outline of the project. I am to build a secure network that contains a Webserver that must be accessible to the outside world, meaning that you type in its IP address and you go to the site. You must also have a file server as well. After all is done and set up, I am to stop/prevent the other team from getting any classified data off my network, while trying to get classified data off theirs.
Now for the most part I do have a general idea on how I want to set up the network. I also know that I am human and do not know everything. Hence why I am asking for advice/help to secure my network. I'll be typing out a list with the IP addresses / cidr as well as uploading a document that has the general network layout.

-Random Dell Computer
Untangle firewall External IP: /29
Untangle firewall Internal IP: /24

-Cisco 2600 Series Router
Router-A F0/0 IP: /24
Router-A F0/1 IP: /24
Router-A S0/0 IP: /24

-Random dell computer
Web Server IP: /24

-Cisco 2600 Series Router
Router-B S0/0: /24
Router-B F0/0: /24

-Unknown computer
Alpine Firewall IP: /24
Alpine Firewall IP: /24 (Intranet)

-Cisco Switch

-Random Dell computer
Server IP address: /24

-Various Computers
Workstations IP Range: - 254

Any suggestions would be helpful. And yes, having the IP addresses schema 192.168.(1-5).XXX is not secure. I do intend on changing the ranges when I develop a good schema for them.
I would first look into amalgamating them into one app since they all work to a common output.
If that was not possible I would look at designing a common data base for them all to access.
Finally I wold look at Frankie's suggestion.
I splitted the Help forum into Beginners Help and Advanced Help. So, feel free to post into this category, as long you dont want to know how to get the position of a scene node or things like that.
Hello everyone
I want to set 2 station PC ,one with wincc advanced and another with wincc proffesional in the same project.
I need to migrate from wincc advanced to wincc proffesional an work in the same project...can i do that?
Thank you
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