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Full Version: Looking at Virus Actions
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So I want to take a look at viruses and their corresponding actions, because why not. I've created a safe location on an old PC that is removed from all networks. On this PC I've installed Linux and will install a VM software like Virtualbox. I will create a VPN to fake a network connection and put Windows 7 on the VM. I then want to find a program that shows all background processes and actions that are running on the Virtual Machine (maybe one that logs these actions as well). I want this program to not live on the VM, but on the Linux OS so if the VM crashes due to an over-zealous virus, I can still see the processes. I don't know if there is a VM software that has an application like this already or if I will have to find a separate one. Any thoughts or opinions?
Malware creators are catching on VM software to examine their virus.
So they make malware that sees VM and then malware just dont do anything.

Some tools i found after a quick google search
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