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Full Version: Email sent from IP on Industry IP Blacklists
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In the last week, several emails to xxxx@btinternet.com have failed to be delivered. The error message is "522: email sent from <IP ADDRESS> found on industry IP blacklists". The IP ADDRESSES were 777.238.176.54, 777.238.176.244, 777.238.177.61 and 777.238.177.110. I use Yahoo email on Windows 7 on Virgin Broadband. Other emails appear to be OK. I am concerned that something seems to be using an Industry blacked device on the email route between Virgin, Yahoo and BTinternet. I phoned Virgin technical services (not UK based), only to be told that Virgin do not have a Security Section for investigating potential security breaches! Any ideas please?
An IP-adres starting with 777 is not possible. I think it should be 77.x.x.x
You can check if IP-adress is blacklisted on http://www.ipvoid.com/ip-blacklist-check/

I did check with IP and and those are idd blacklisted.
Its an IP-adress in use by Yahoo. So we can conclude that someone used yahoo-mail to spam and
the IP got on a blacklist that is used by many providers. BTInternet is using the blacklist to fight against spammers.
It isnt a security breach.

Dont think you can do anything about it. Its a something Yahoo should try to fix by asking to be removed from the blacklist.
If you have a few friends/family that use yahoo mail you could tell em that if they sent you a mail that it was blocked.
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