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Full Version: Preventing install of malware in archive files?
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Is there any app that enables one to filter out packed/zipped maleware, PUPs, etc., from archive files, prior to actual content extraction? I am looking for something to defeat malware installers at CNET (and it seems most other software download sites), so I can download the app I want, without the junkware packed with it. It would seem there must be some way to download the archive into some containment area (maybe virtual or sandbox), raid the contents, delete the junk, and complete the download of the target app.
Just dont get software from that kind of download sites.
Google a bit and find the website of the developer and download it there.
Or try using Softpedia.

Go step by step through the install-screens. If you click Next, Next , Next , Accept without really
reading you are a easy prey.
Normally you can prevent the extra unwanted software install if you look carefully.
You can use Unchecky to help with that.
Downloading applications from their original creators or official sources will be your best in this case. Basically, any third party website will be a horrible decision. It is obviously a lot tougher to do that for lesser known/open source programs, you could try emailing developers. Basic gist if HAVE to download from them is to read everything and be aware, there is no software that would filter out PUP's.
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