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Full Version: Internet Security tips to prevent Malware
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When it comes to Internet security, there seems to be a constant fight of supremacy between hackers, crackers and network security specialists. Network administrators are always watchful of any suspicious activity on their networks. One of the most significant threats to the security of a network, and the leading cause of data loss, is malware.

So how can we prevent malware from infiltrating network? There are a few things you can definitely do to make it shielded against virus, trojans, spyware and other malicious software attacks.

Schedule regular scanning, virus definition download on machines.

Use a good quality security scanner to identify vulnerabilities.

Invest in a robust firewall solution.

Even if you have antivirus software running, make sure you do have antimalware tool available as a standalone or in the antivirus.

Use a patch management solution to update systems.

Educate your users. The better they are aware of common security pitfalls, the better it is for your network.
Nice and informative post. Also I have shared this post on facebook.com. This post helped me a lot and you can also take the benefit of this informative post.
Again thanks for sharing such a nice post.
Thanks for the tips you provided. Internet security is an obvious issue people should mind in order to escape viruses, crackers and hackers. Your tips helped me much.
I've recently started a site, and the information you offer on this site has helped me greatly. Thank you very much for posting.
Internet Security is a hot topic of discussion these days. Pozornosti.Internet to pay, as individuals, business houses Internet security facilitates the exchange of information, so you tend to theft or misuse of data. Internet today is a very important role in business scenarios, we can not imagine life without Internet.
Malware is a great threat for PC though it,s a primary level virus.It,s spread easily. Your tips must help to make a strong security.Thanks for sharing.Smile
In our daily online surfing Malware is a great threat.So we always stay alert about the fact.Tips must help to maximize the cautious.
In our secure online life Malware is great threat.Our highest awareness can only save us from damage of Malware.The tips provided by Mr.Akash must help us to maximize our security.
Thanks for your tips, It would help a lot of people who think only antivirus is enough even I also don’t check if there is antimalware tool inbuilt in AV software or not. I thought every AV program helps to get rid of Malwares also.
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