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Full Version: State that Linux runs on PCs
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Many people with whom I have spoken about computers are under the notion that the operating system is directly tied to the hardware that it runs on. In other words, they think that PCs only run the Windows operating systems and that computers manufactured by Apple only run the Macintosh operating systems. When you present them with a new operating system, such as Linux, they immediately think that they will have to go out and buy an entirely new computer to run this other OS. I just thought that this might be something that needs to be explained on the get GNU/Linux Web site, but I could be wrong.
Fifty years from now, historians will look back and realize unparalleled influence, Linux has been on the human civilization. Most people do not realize it, but the world in 2008, has been running in Linux. I'm not simply talking about how most web servers run on Linux, but the widespread use of Linux in embedded devices, from televisions to laser printers / copiers military aviation electronic equipment.
There are Ubantu operating system which is Linux base operating system that can be directly run in your computer without installing in your computer. Now a days, such kind of operating system also available so that it will not require to install in your hardware.
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