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Full Version: New member on the forum
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I am new here and want to say hello to all members. Thank you for my acceptance to your community. I want to take part in discussions and get the answers to all issues that interest me.
Seems this forum is not so active. A little out of expectation. I hope more people will come and talk here.
Hi Kending, It's not like that. Some of the people are active only because to get a link back and contribute nothing. We don't normally keep such people. That's why you sometimes don't see many responses to introductions.
There are many people who are active here and it's great! If you are interested in this forum, then be active and share your knowledge. I am new on the forum and going to be active as I want to participate in discussions and know much new information for me.
We keep an eye on who's posting merely for a link back to their site. Therefore, most of the time users who violate the policy are banned and posts deleted. It's in the best interests of the forum and the users who wish to contribute.
hi, welcome to the forum. I am also new to this forum but as long as I can see, the topics are so hot.... Hope I can participate further in this forum... Smile
Hello everyone!!!hope u all will be fine, i m sure we all will be sharing good info over here@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey & Welcome to this community.
I'm new here, I am from PK, 26 years old, tall, healthy looks.. Hope we will enjoy here.
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