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Full Version: Remote Access?
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I'm sharing a (password protected) wireless connection with a few other people and I just want to make sure I understand what that means for my privacy.

When I right-click on any folder in My Documents and select properties from the drop down menu and then click on the Sharing tab, it says, under Network sharing and security, "As a security measure, Windows has disabled remote access to this computer. However, you can enable remote access and safely share files by running the Network Setup Wizard." There is no content in my Shared Documents folder and when I go to My Network Places, there is no mention of anything like a home network with file sharing enabled. Does all of this mean that no one else on the wireless can remotely access my computer? That the only way any one could get on and poke around is either through direct physical access to the computer or through a trojan virus?

Thanks for your help! Smile

It is possible for someone to access your computer through your wireless network. However it takes some computer know how in order to do so. The majority of people who use wireless network do not have the skill or ability to do this. I would not worry about people accessing your computer through your network, especially if they are people you have trusted with your internet connection in the first place.
I found this thread about on how to secure remote access.

Today many companies are enjoying the cost savings inherent in allowing some employees to work from home, while those employees benefit from the convenience of telecommuting. In addition, executives, salespeople and others need to connect to the company network when they go on the road, and/or need to access network resources in the evenings or on the weekends from home. All this adds up to a lot of remote access connections to the organization's network. In this article, we will discuss how to prevent remote connections from creating a security nightmare on your network. http://www.windowsecurity.com/articles/s...tions.html
Hi John,
Thanks for the article. Sometimes I need to work within remote access.Now I will be make the remote access more secure.
Try remotely accessing your computer using various remote support tools such as logmeinrescue, gosupportnow, GoToMyPC etc. and check whether it works or no.
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