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Full Version: Internet Explorer 10 to have Do Not Track by Default
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Good new for privacy advocates from Microsoft. Microsoft, as it has done with the current version of its Internet Explorer web browser, is enabling support of the Do Not Track effort with its next-generation IE 10.

[Image: internet_explorer10.jpg]

However, the good thing is Microsoft is making the Do Not Track capability the default setting, generating praise from some consumer privacy advocates but drawing the ire of advertisers. Most of the other mainstream web browsers still offer Do not track feature. However, this needs to be turned on usually. With Internet explorer 10, you will not have to dig through to turn it on.

What is Do Not Track?
Initially initiated by Mozilla Foundation in it's flagship browser firefox, Do Not Track is one of several initiatives under way to protect the privacy of online users who are increasingly wary of the amount of personal data that is being collected by brands online including the likes of Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple. With Do Not Track, users can essentially decide against being tracked by third-party advertisers who hope to use the information gleaned from users’ online habits for more targeted advertising.

Please note it's not mandatory for advertisers to comply with DNT or Do not track yet.
It must be a great news for IE users.Now no need to set the option from tool menu like Mozilla fire fox.Thanks for the information Mr. Akash.
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