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Full Version: Can a virus infect one internet key
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HI everybody, I'm brand new on this forum!!!!
I have one question for you:
installing my internet key, I see a mass storage device on it, I was asking to my self if this mass storage device can keep a virus, and how to remove!

I am just a little bit paranoid to be spied!!!Wink

I thank you all!!!
You should keep anti virus software in your computer. This will protect your operating system from any type of virus.
Hi Marco,
Your question a very wise ask I think.The anti-virus software's are marketed after testing.So I think there have no possibilities to infect them.
Simply Use a good antivirus software on your Operating system to be protected always.
Humh very critical question.Is it really possible that an antivirus key have virus?May be any developer can give solution.
Yes. If your computer is physically connected to the internet, ie. your modem is on, then you can get a virus. However, if you have a good anti-virus-spy-malware-whatever program, then you should be good; firewall up or down. However, if you have Vista, then you can configure your modem and your computer to let your Wii through the firewall....I think, anyway. I don't have a Wii...
Best Anti virus software detect it and removed from your PC . XP Security Tool 2010, XP Defender Pro, Vista Security Tool 2010, and Vista Defender Pro are all new rogues that are exactly the same program. They are just shown with different names and interfaces depending on the version of Windows that it is run on.
You can select an antivirus with antimalware tool that will be best option. Only installing an antivirus is not the complete solution, Antimalware tool is must to avoid this issue.
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