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Full Version: Trojan Horse Programs
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I guess everyone knows the story about the Trojan horse in Greek mythology, so I will not tell it once again. Trojan horse programs follow the same routine. They lure the user into installing their program, so they can perform their malignant code when executed.
Trojan horses are not unique to Windows, there are hundreds of these programs infecting Operating Systems ranging from MS-DOS and Linux to Palm OS and Macintosh.
Once installed the Trojan can do anything the user, who has installed it, can do. This can go as far as deleting files (including vital system files), log keystrokes in hopes of catching creditcard numbers and passwords, use the computer in a network (a "zombie") to launch Denial Of Service attacks or spam others. Other vulnerabilities may launch an "escalation of privilege"-attack whereby the attacker can increase the level of access beyond the level he has now.
A computer infected with a Trojan often acts as a network server. An example is the Gibe worm (W32.Gibe@mm <mailto:W32.Gibe@mm>) which contains a server listening to port 12378.

Other attacks
Other ways to get onto a computer is via shared network drives. The notorious Nimda worm (W32.Nimda@mm <mailto:W32.Nimda@mm>) searches for open network shares and copies itself to them.
As you can expect these network viruses require special precautions. Even with firewalls, a network is vulnerable to this attack when a user brings an infected notebook into the office and connects to the network.
A fairly new way of infecting is through Instant Messenger programs, like MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger. And finally, file-sharing programs that work over the Internet can server as origins for viral infections.
Trojan horse is primarily used in phishing.Some times they contain keyloggers .So we should be careful in time of messaging and online file sharing.All kinds of file should scan before they download.
Hello every body
actually Trojan Horse is a dangerous , because it is malicious behavior.
it can make harmful damage to your system.
it can remove or steal your data.
it is a bad thing you do not want to try.
really , I read a lot about it and other malicious software , it is really painful .
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The most dangerous thing about trojan horse is that it keeps running on your computer and you don't even know about it. Most of them contains key loggers.
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