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Full Version: How does attacker find protocol at DNS Servers?
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I know you tecnies/computer experts already know the answers to this question but the reason i ask this question is because i want to know how all attacks are executed? I know that rootkit programs which content enters your computer that gives it malicious instructions, session hijacking uses cookies, a SQL attack because user input is not filtered; but I wonder how does an attacker find the protocol to exploit a DNS System.
I am sure that each attacker has his own way, I don't think this is the forum for that though. You will be lucky to get a response to this because I doubt PC Security is going to advertise how to hack. I understand it is just out of curiousity but I still don't think they'l answer
Hi YellowFish,
Thanks for your curiosity.If you are really want a great reply I suggest you post search in a hacking related site.Hope you will get something positive.
With a valid IP address (an IP address within the IP address range of a subnet), the attacker can gain access to the network and destroy data or conduct other attacks
When DNS is compromised, several things can be happen. The first thing an attacker can do is divert all inbound visitors a server of their choosing. This allow them to produce additional strikes, or collect traffic logs that contain delicate information.

The second thing an attacker can do is catch all in-bound e-mail. Even more important this second option also allows the attacker to deliver e-mail on their part using the victim organization domain and collect traffic logs.
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