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Full Version: How to recover a forgotten Windows 7 admin password?
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Dual boot - how to reset a forgotten admin password?
i have xp and 7 on my same HDD. C is xp, and D is w7... i always use w7 so i changed the password but i dont remember it now so i cant access my w7 side.. however I can access the XP side so is there any way I can reset the admins pass from my xp side using the CMD? So pls help me I really need to get on my w7, pls help me Windows 7 password recovery!

After consulting my IT friends, I get a quick response. There is a Windows 7 boot disk that will allow me to recover Windows 7 password. It is Linux based and uses a very easy menu system. Any way, I am not a computer expert; I can't listen to this friend for further info. I need a more easy way! Then I wonder if isn't there a program without a boot disk? it would be much easier for me but thanks anyways!

What a pity things is that another friends answered my question:
Not really, most Windows password recovery requires a boot disk, unless the main admin account is not password protected. Try accessing it by pressing f8 during boot and entering safe mode. Once asks for login, press ctrl-alt-del, and type in administrator. This might work. While, I have only one administrator account - the default admin!

I search my password question words via Google, what's surprised me is that here is one site that might help me. It is named Windows Password Recovery Tool that will work for any Windows OS, also include Windows 7. This tool is a well-known professional third party application designed for particularly Windows Password Recovery. To operate such a tool is very easy, even though I am a newbie, I can fully understand and follow the below steps to finish the task. Now, please follow me:
Step 1: Google search Windows Password Recovery Tool, get results from windowspasswordsrecovery suggestion;
Step 2: Download needed Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional and install it on an accessible pc;
Step 3: Burn a password reset disk with a blank USB Flash drive.
Step 4: Insert the burned reset disk into password lost computer, and set the computer to boot from USB drive to recover Windows 7 password.

Things now become easy! From this day, I think I will never take such experience make me mad! Now, I get new password for my pc login. What's more, I disable the Windows 7 default Administrator and create a back up admin account!
For security purpose, disabling the built-in Administrator account on our personal computer is very necessary since the default Administrator can do anything to your computer, like delete crucial files, delete accounts and reset other user password etc. So avoid this by making another account which is not names as Administrator but with administrative privileges.

Also, I prepare another way to help me restore forgotten Windows 7 login password - create a password reset disk for my admin account! Dear reader, if you are a Windows 7 OS pc owner, you can also take the following steps to help you save much time once you lost password:
Step1. Insert a prepared USB flash drive into your computer.
Step2. Type "reset" in the Windows search box and select "Create a password reset disk".
Step3. When the "Forgotten Password Wizard" appears, click "Next".
Step4. Select your USB flash drive and click "Next".
Step5. When the wizards finish creating the reset disk, please click "Next" and then "Finish".

My Windows 7 admin password got back fortunately! Share my password recovery for Windows 7 experience, hope it helps more users!
This is great great new Stalare! I haven't actually had this kind of experience but I think that this is going to be a helpful post for me in the future. I've bookmarked this page for my future reference. Thanks!
hmm this is good. since the last time i forgot my password i had to use a CD and replace the kernel or something like that. but using USB is much easier
thank you for the tutorial. It is so helpful. However, do you know any software I can use to remember all my passwords? I have a lot of accounts and sometimes I can't remember all of them. Thank you
The sound is very informative ,I appreciate your thoughts you have been chosen the platform of Pcsecurityworld for sharing this idea.Keep it up
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