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Full Version: Step by step guide to securing wireless router
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Wireless router is really vulnerable for security reason.Most of the users have no enough knowledge that his/her router can be hacked.So this post and tips must be help to make a router more secure. I also learn tips and must apply.
Do not disable SSID broadcast to make your WiFi invisable.
It just doesnt help and can cause problems.
The "bad people" still will see your WiFi with freely available tools.
It's a myth that needs to be forcibly dragged out behind the woodshed.

WEP encryption is very vulnerable, it is hacked in less
than a minute. Don't use WEP.

WPA is much better than WEP, but nowadays you should use
the WPA2-encryption for security.

On the newer routers there is a button for easy connect
from windows to your WiFi.
It's called WiFi Protected Setup (WPS).
There a flaw in WPS, it can be used to hack your WiFi without
the need to press that button.
Disable WPS.
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