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Full Version: How to set up & configure a router?
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So, you have purchased a brand new router and having difficulty in setting it up. Dont' worry, its' not that difficult. First look for the manual that came with it. The router manual sufficiently describes with the help of detailed instructions and diagrams exact how it would need configuring. The documentation should at least give the default IP address and user name and password to access router console.

The internal, LAN-IP address is normally set to a default, private number. Linksys routers, for example, use for their internal IP address. D-Link and Netgear routers typically use Some US Robotics routers use, and some SMC routers use Once you have figured out your routers' default address.

Open your web browser, type default addresss most common is into the address bar and hit "Enter."

Use "Admin" as the username in the pop-up box and leave the password blank.

Connect to the Internet and click on "Internet Setup."

Select your connection type from the drop-down menu. Choose "DHCP" for cable modems or PoE" for most DSL modems. If you are unsure of these options, check with your ISP.

Set a service set identifier (SSID) to identify the router and change the password. The different brands come with their default SSDs. It is good security practice to change it.

If you're using a wireless router, encrypt your wireless connection using a Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) key to prevent eavesdropping. Under the "Wireless Security" option, enter a passphrase and click "Generate." This will generate a password which will need to be used by any client connecting to your router. That should be it.
Nice information Shared By You.Yes If We are Using The Wireless Router then You Must have to use the WEP key Which is a Very Important For the Connection Try to keep the Long and Difficult.Its the Main thing in the Wireless if Any One Knows Your Key then they Can easily enter in to You Network and also Hack Your data and System.
Your installation should something like that ....

Modem => router => Computer. The router is configured for DHCP. you can get computers out of the router will and will not affect anything else. The router can detect when the link to the computers and modem are in place, no confiuration is necessary.

If you use Internet Connection Sharing in Windows.
modem => Computers => router => other computers.
Well,Assuming you have purchased a wireless router, you will see a device that has one or two antennas sticking from the rear. The router will be some lights on it, which may indicate that food or activity when lit. The back of the router is connected to the WAN (the modem connects to here) and the LAN ports that allow you to plug into any computer near a CAT5 Ethernet cable.
Well,Nice information shared by You.Its the main thing in wireless, if someone knows your key, they can easily break into networks and to you and Hack Your data System.Really I love this information
The steps are as bellow

1. Choose your wireless equipment
2. Connect your wireless router
3. Configure your wireless router
4. Connect your computers to the wireless network
Confucious is give a nice information about Router setup and configure. Require for the best way is Internet Protocol Address, Domain name, Password,Router No and other.
Select a convenient location, start the installation of your building such as an open area or table router. Antenna connected to the Linksys wireless router. Insert Internet on the back of Linksys router port Ethernet cable. Connection into the Ethernet port on the computer and an Ethernet cable connected to the router on the other end of the available ports on the back of a computer to the router. You can select any port, in addition to labelled WAN.
Thanks for sharing these informative setup and configure a rounter information.I have been searching in the interent in the internet but does not result.My router is working with these details.Be practical related to these subject.
Follow this steps to set up & configure a router.
- Choose a convenient location.
- Plug in the router's electrical power source, then turn on the router by pushing the power button.
- Connect your Internet modem to the router.
- Connect one computer to the router.
- Open the router's administration tool.
- Log in to the router.
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