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Full Version: Default IP addresses and admin passwords of popular routers
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Every router comes set with a default IP address and login password. You need it to access the router admin panel. Documentation lists such details. However if you have forgotten the password or there is no documentation available, the following will definitely help you recover your password if you have not changed it.

Router passwords database is constantly updated with passwords from visitors. Now you can stop wondering the default router username and password. The RouterPassword site has all the router username and password information. All you need is select the router model and brand name. Then click find password button and it will list down all default user names and passwords for the routers by model.

has a huge list of admin name and passwords of a number of router vendors.

The attached pdf also lists most common passwords of all the popular router brands. [attachment=12]
This is tonnes of information for almost all router manufacturers there. the default user names include changes in the current admin (administration, administrator, etc), and the password is usually admin, password, or simply leave blank - It goes without saying that this is a good practice to change these during installation.
The default ip address and admin pasword of populer routers aregiven below.
2. ASUS admin admin
3. Dell admin admin
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