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Wireless networking is evolving, its' getting bigger day by day. For all its complicated ability, is far simpler to use than you might expect. If you feel panicky while setting or utilizing benefits of wireless network at home, worry no more. Wireless internet far easier to set up.

What Wireless networks are and how they operate
Wireless networks use radio waves instead of wires to transmit data between computers. Here's how:

It's well known that computers transmit information digitally, using binary code: ones and zeros. This translates well to radio waves, since those 1s and 0s can be represented by different kinds of beeps. These beeps are so fast that they're outside the hearing range of humans.

Wireless networking can be thought of as a Morse code for computers. You plug in a combined radio receiver and transmitter, and the computer is able to send out its equivalent of dots and dashes (bits, in computer-speak) to get your data from here to there.

Wavelengths And Frequencies
You might wonder how the computer can send and receive data at high speed without becoming garbled nonsense. The key to wireless networking is how it gets around this problem.

First, wireless transmissions are sent at very high frequencies, which allows more data to be sent per second. Most wireless connections use a frequency of 2.4 gigahertz (2.4 billion cycles per second) -- a frequency similar to mobile phones and microwave ovens. However, this high frequency produces a wavelength that is very short, which is why wireless networking is effective only over short distances.

Wireless networks also use a technique called "frequency hopping." They use dozens of frequencies, and constantly switch among them. This makes wireless networks more immune to interference from other radio signals than if they transmitted on a single frequency.

Internet Access Points
The final step for a wireless network is to provide internet access for every computer on the network. This is done by a special piece of wireless equipment called an access point. An access point is more expensive than a wireless card for 1 computer, because it contains radios capable of communicating with around 100 computers, sharing internet access among them. Dedicated access points are necessary only for larger networks. With only a few computers, it is possible to use 1 of them as the access point, or to use a wireless router.

Wireless Industry Standards
Wireless equipment from different manufacturers can work together to handle these complex communications because there are standards which guide the production of all wireless devices. These standards are technically called the 802.11. Because of industry compliance with these standards, wireless networking is both easy to use and affordable today.

Wireless Is Simple To Use
If all this talk of frequencies has you worried -- relax. Wireless networking hardware and software handle all of this automatically, without need for user intervention. Wireless networking, for all its complicated ability, is far simpler to use than you might expect.
Nice information. I have reinstalled Windows XP on my dell laptop and now it connects to any wireless network or WiFi, not even let me search for wireless networks range.Any information is welcome and I wanted to thank you.
These all information which you can share is really very nice and fantastic to know about it. These all are connects with Wii fi it can be reinstall with windows Xp which is great to know about it.
Wireless network refers to any type of computer network that is not connected by cables of any kind. It is a method by which telecommunications networks and enterpise (business), installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into to a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations
The field of computer networking once sat squarely in the domain of techies. Equipment manufacturers, service providers, and "experts" that study the field of networking tend to go quite heavy on technical jargon.Mafiaa Fire is a Firefox browser add-on that redirects certain Web site domains to their correct alternative names and addresses.Wireless is rapidly gaining in popularity for both home and business networking. A wireless local area network (WLAN) links two or more devices using a wireless distribution method, providing a connection through an access point to the wider internet.WiFi has a lot of advantages. Wireless networks are easy to set up and inexpensive. There are different types of Wireless Networks such as Wireless LAN in which radio signals are used instead of wires and transmit data from one Pc to other Pc in the same network as it is Wi-Fi is a wireless network that enables connection to internet with WiFi functionality.
Wireless networking is,potentially, a quick, easy and economical alternative to running wires around your home or office.It also opens up possibilities for connecting buildings which are up to several kilometers apart.To use wireless networking,you need a wireless networking card and to configure the kernel with the appropriate wireless networking support.
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