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Full Version: How will you secure your newly purchased PC?
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I'm not sure how easy it is to ask the members here. Some people really get confused when it comes to securing their brand new home computer. It's not easy to decide what to install and what not. Some completely restrain from installing anything for the fear of slowing down machine. Some of us install the OEM versions of internet security software that comes bundled.

How do you guys secure your new computer or laptop?
Installing a light weight antivirus software like ESET Nod32 is the best practice to secure your pc.
First i update windows manually a few times until all updates are installed.
Dont want to wait for automatic update

Remove all bundled software like virusscanner, office and other

Make an backup-image of this still "clean" PC.

Install a firewall, like comodo
Install virusscanner, spybot search and destroy , let em scan
and protect.

Install other browser, firefox or chrome with security-plugins
like noscript.

Bit more advanced : disable windows-services you dont need.
If it aint running it cant be used to attack your pc. Smile
I always depend on a copy of Kaspersky or Norton internet Security. If I own a new PC I must use one of them.
To protect your newly of first of all install the best anti virus software to get protected from the virus n worms and also dont use too much of Internet at initial level.
If you think 18th place is the best.
Kaspersky and Bitdefender are almost every test the best ones.

Check : http://www.av-comparatives.org/dynamic-tests/
I'm not sure how simple it is to ask the associates here. Some people really get puzzled when it comes to obtaining their product new desktop computer. It's not simple to determine what to set up and what not. Some absolutely limit from setting up anything for the concern with delaying device.
The first I do is to change the AV to a good one like Eset. Then I install a good VPN. Windows 10 is pretty good with security, so I think that is enough.
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