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Full Version: How to avoid losing files
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In our lifetime we've all deleted the wrong spreadsheet. But it's not the end of the world - you can take care of these and some tool may help you to find them. Never lose a file again.
It's amazing how fast a single keystroke or mouse click can change your life. One false move, and bang! An hour's, day's or even lifetime's work can slip away into digital oblivion. But not everything that disappears is lost forever.
“AyRecovery” will help you retrieve the seemingly irretrievable: from files long ago removed from the Recycle Bin, carelessly deleted file and losing file because of suddenly crashed system.
Ayrecovery is a system restore program including file-recovery function. If you're certain that you lost the file, only explore the snapshot which was taken in the former by AyRecovery. Then in the virtual disk, you can find all the file in your hard disk of course including your important file which has lost. Copy and restore it, you rescue them now.
I believe that If you can afford an extra drive you can just replace the original one. This also solves any problems with restoring your drive to the original after the hardware stopped working!
There are three way to stop your data lose.
Tip #1: Empty the Recycle Bin only once a month
Tip #2: Learn how to use File | Save As
Tip #3: Learn how to create templates
AyRecovery Professional allows users to create snapshots of the entire system and datum. Then users can select a specific snapshot point from which the deleted or corrupted files can be recovered and the crashed system can be restored. Based
This are the Tips to how to stop the losing the files :-
1: Empty the Recycle Bin only once a month
2:Learn how to use File | Save As
3:create templates
You can avoid data losing with using antivirus softwares, spyware, registry cleaner etc. If you use these softwares and scan your computer daily then you never lose any data from your computer.
At times like this that almost everybody uses the computer and the Internet have some important files stored on computers.Even if your computer is protected against viral infection, a sudden stop of the disk drive, or crash the computer in general, can also miss you data.So place better protection for your computer.
In this case,I always prefer to use backup recovery software!!
AyRecovery Professional allows users to create a snapshot of the entire system and data. The user can then select a specific snapshot of the point from which to delete or corrupt files can be restored, the collapse of the system can be restored.
Backup regularly and always use the backup recovery software. Smile
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