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Full Version: Handling With Spam mail
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Everyday I get 100+ spam mail in my gmail.I am really bored to delete them everyday. Have any way that can stop it. Any advice will be appreciate.
You should start marking them spam before deleting so Google spam filters learn that they're really spam. Soon, they will start putting all those mails in spam folder instead of Inbox. Google also has unsubscribe option built in Gmail for such mails. Don't use the unsubscribe option in spam mails though, they don't usually work.
Marking of the spam is take lots time can you tell me these mail automatically filter .
The filter has to learn from you and others to indentify what is spam and what is not spam.
Google-mail filters a lot of spam, but new/original spams will leak through.
There isnt a perfect filter (yet)

How to filter depends on what mail-system you use.

Better is to think about why you get that spam.
Leaving you mailadress on websites left and right will give you lots of spam.
Prevent spam by using temporary email-adress, not supplying your main emailadress unless
you are totally sure that it is a "safe" site.
Change your current mailadress and start over. Smile
I have the same problem. Until one day, my email is full of Spam. I also delete all emails that I have come up empty.

I made a mistake at that time, but I still have an important email. I regret not choose which emails should I remove as spam
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