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Hi, I am Nicholas. I am a new member of this community. Good day to all of you guys! Smile
Hello there. Welcome to the forum. Share what you know, learn what you don't.
Hi dear,

I am new comer for this forum. I like this forum, it is good place for sharing the information about different matters of life.
Please come here and share your ideas.
Welcome, I am Jalal from New Zealand sharing of ideas is highly appreciated . We hope 2012 will be a good life to me as well as the member.Smile
For all introductions, please use this thread. This thread has been made sticky specially for this purpose.
Well I am Steve from Utah. Currently in college for computer network administration. Not sure what all I should say 'bout myself, aside from right now I am a stones throw from setting fire to my project for my Security 2 class that I cannot talk about in this thread / forum.
Hi i m Ravi. I m from India and glad to join this forum....nice meeting to everyone............
hey there everyone! Candice here. Just graduated from high school and planning to study a computer-related course in college. Blush
Welcome in here Candice. Hope you enjoy your stay!
Hello every one, I am new to your forums and looking for some general pc discussions. I would like to make thanks to admin for accepting my membership. Thanks
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