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Full Version: Speeding up Windows XP like never before
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This pdf report lists few great tips to speed up your Windows XP machine in a great manner. Your system will perform like it's never before. You will be more efficient than ever. Forget the days of sluggishly running Windows XP pc Guys!
Thanks for help to increase my windows xp speed. I had bored with my old windows xp service pack 2. Then i upgrade it into Windows 7. Now I rely on XP again.
Thanks for this post for the speed up the windows xp. Some of the tricks are worked very well. On internet some other ways are available. One of this way is download a software. The software is From Uniblue. And software name is the Uniblue speed up my pc.
If not maintained properly and regularly, the performance of all Windows XP systems tend to deteriorate with the passage of time, as this report shows pdf tips to speed up your Windows XP in a big way. Your system will perform as never before.
If you want to speed up Windows XP, just add more RAM to your computer. You can also try changing your display settings and turning off the indexing service. You may think that these things do not really have an impact, but actually they do. Windows XP offers various styles to computer users. However, these system display settings can actually eat up resources and decrease performance. So, it is still best to stick with the classic settings. The indexing service, on the other hand, can use a lot of power and slow down your computer.
Yes , first you should add more RAM-s to your system.You can then set up for better performance at C Panel.Also you need to check out the running apps on the background maybe there is a few useless programs and needs to close them...I will check now for that pdf, I'm really excited what they say about increase your xp.
Anyone using xp at now? : )
A lot of people still use Windows XP...my colleagues do. They say it's one of the best things ever done by Microsoft.
I downloaded the Pdf file yesterday.After reading I apply some tips and simply amazed. My Pc working 50% more speed up.Thanks for sharing this great attachment.
Instructions in this pdf file are really amazing. My PC is working 30-40% more faster.
I am not able to download the PDF file of Mr. Aakash. Kindly provide the above PDF file to my mail. My mail ID is tcilguru@gmail.com. I shall be thankful, if anybody may send this PDF File to my id at the earliest please.
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