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Full Version: Sending Keylogger
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Is it possible that anyone can send a Keylogger over my IP or network remotely? I am looking the answer to make my optimal security of my network.
A keylogger is basicly malware and you can get malware from infected websites, mail , and so on.

Can it be sent from remote ?
If your pc isnt updated and protected with firewall/antivirus.
But even that isnt a garantee, you can only make it as diffecult as possible for the bad guys.
I think you are asking about Activity Reporter software which keep the log file of all computer activity including key logger.

Activity- Logger is computer monitoring software which has the feature of key logger, It is free for Trail and you can download it easily.

You can use Zemana Antilogger Free.

This program protects you against keyloggers.
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