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Full Version: IRS trojen
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Ok it was late, my husband was tired and he panicked and opened this darn email. I have told him and told him not to open anything he does not recognize. It is now all over his system.
I downloaded MSE and ran it. It caught a trojen but he still can not use his system. It shows nothing under his start button. But when you go to all programs it is there. His icons are all gone from his desktop. Anything he had saved, photos, documents,music, anything is not under C, Users....it is blank. but when I open microsoft word it has the list of latest files opened I can open any of those any see them. But anything that is not there I can not find. I know they are still there because they are still taking hard disk space. Help!!!
It looks to me that the files are hidden on the locations you specified. Many trojans change attributes of files and entire directories.

Use Attribute changer:- http://www.snapfiles.com/get/achanger.html

with this you can unhide multiple files easily.

If this doesn't help, try doing a system restore..that should do.
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