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Full Version: How do I get rid of this trojan virus that keeps calling back?
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Basically, I'll be on the internet when all of a sudden my browser closes and my AVG pops up saying that a trojan is inside some windows 32 file. I try to quarantine it and then it ask me if I want to delete it. Based on past experiences, I learned never to delete anything on windows 32. While the virus is there, I can't open anything. If I try to open something, it will give me two options: scan first or don't scan (dangerous). I try both and it doesn't let me go on the internet or anything. It just sends me to some windows protection thing that I have to buy. So basically I can't do anything until I get rid of the virus. So I run AVG, Spybot Search and Destroy, and AntiMalware. Spybot comes up with the most and AVG and AntiMalware usually come up with nothing. So then I delete whatever it comes up with, immunize, allow changes, then reboot my PC. After about 24 hours, this happens again, and it's been going on for a week. What can I do, it's getting really annoying.
You just need to go to settings of the antivirus and check the settings, if it is turned on to automatic mode kindly change that.
And if all settings are up to date then you just need to re-install your antivirus. In the process of installation it will ask for automatic update either they should be on or off. For better Computer support you should make sure that your updates are on as it provides better security.
When I tried one infected file from a computer to another computer using a USB, it also transfers the virus even though it has anti-virus. It sucks but I learned my lesson and I tried some file repair application.
I don't know what to tell you but what I can say is you should update your antivirus program latest version, and update the virus signature database.
You should change your antivirus program and try a fast antivirus program which would take lesser Hard Disk space, so that it won’t let your computer speed slow down. I was also using AVG but I don’t think it is able to protect the system from Trojan. Now I’m using Immunet Plus and happy with its services.
Use the bootable Rescue CD from Bitdefender.

You start PC from a clean CD and remove the virus/trojan.
(06-03-2017 10:03 AM)RichardGhval Wrote: [ -> ]On my laptop. Somehow picked up trojan, AVG antivirus picked it up and healed it but still having issues. The problem is when I restart, the desktop shows up and then dissappears. So I cant get to any of my adware/spyware removers to get rid of it. 3 of the exe AVG said it got were chdpad exe, xpre exe, xrun exe if that helps. Anybody know what go do to get it back to normal? Thanks
How about reading the previous post and use a bootable CD / usbstick.
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