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Full Version: Windows 7 or vista..?
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Hi to all
I am planning to buy new laptop.But confused little which system to buy.So please share your experience so i can get some ideas.which one is better..?
I'd definitely recommend going for Windows 7 as an operating system between the two. Laptop buying decision depends on a lot of factors. Your requirements, what you intend to do with it, if it for gaming, general day to day tasks, web surfing etc. Your budget range is also determining factor. If you have to pick between Windows 7 and vista, go for Windows 7. If you can afford, get the one with touch screen as you'll be able to get more with Windows 7 with touch-enabled notebooks.
Buddy,In my opinion Vista is better than Windows 7.
In fact, I do not use it at work and my bootcamp partition when I have to open a Juniper VPN connection to my corporate network. Using Windows is like a bad horror movie. everything is for you to do is counter-intuitive, throws their way, imposing their workflow in place of the inverse is a total hell for all I would not know where to start. I absolutely positively hate windows.
I would go for window 7, vista is complicated and window is user friendly
Window 7 is the best as well as very user friendly in the operating in the comparison of the Vista. It is an updated version of the Windows operating system. This new version of window is very good and advanced features that are useful for the work very easily.
yes u buy dell i7 this is good machine have better compatibility with windows 7, i love windows 7 have good backup system security ad prefect rearing system tools
I prefer to use as Windows 7. The reason is that in Windows 7 it provides the better drivers utilization and configurations which helps to detect any new hardware and in the rare case we have to required to install the new hardware drivers.
From the my point of the view Windows 7 is batter because there are so many features available like Multiple Instances of Same Program. Automatic Changing of Desktop Wallpaper. Full 64-bit support. Direct Access Feature. Fast Booting.
I suggests to you go with Windows 7, Much better then others and great speed and amazing features. Windows 7 is Updated version. Nice backup security system. I recommended to you first go with Windows 7.
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