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To protect Windows you must use a tool that will detect unwanted files and test it without warning. You can stop the McAfee services easily and use the msconfig option from the service.
(05-06-2011 01:00 PM)watsonlew Wrote: [ -> ]Tighten the Settings in Web Explorer
Do NOT run as Administrator or an account with Administrator privileges
Build a Layer of Protection - there's freeware products available on the Web that there is no excuse for not having an adequate defense.
Add an anti-spyware program that has "real-time" protection such as Microsoft's Security Essentials.

My only opinion since I am not experience as the other users is that you must have not installed the program completely and somewhat at the same time. If you do this, run extremely slow while using a lot of space. Take this from someone who knows this. If you have windows, you can use the Windows 7, use the System Image Restore feature to back your boot drive to the DVDs and make a restore disk. You need to back up files in case you get malware.
--there is something like that out there - its kind of like a neighborhood watch. Many people can watch your cam and there is an alarm button that notifies you if they see something.

Managed security already is saturated with companies
For securing ms windows you must have to use tools, which will identify unwanted information and identify it without caution. You can stop mcafee services very easily with the use of msconfig options from services.
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