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No security, no joy
10-13-2015, 07:35 PM (This post was last modified: 10-13-2015 07:38 PM by MattiKukkola.)
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No security, no joy
N.S.A poisoned all in security world.

They lied they just used google, facebook and so on. But it's only what they said.

How we can know some operation systems are secure or some network device are secure. Is it part of security, that anyone don't know what that system real does and what that system tell it to us.

Intel and AMD processors and all motherboard are so smart that them don't need spyware for sendind data to N.S.A. And if I have motherboard, I have backdor in my computer. Same like Windows, Mac and so on them are only promises "we don't spy you". There is not any firm who can show his cards.

Android, Windows, Apple phones can record all our messages and calls. And them can record our life all the time. That may be main cause phone batteries can't work long time before charging. If I disable gps, phone say no gps to me and apps. But is gps really disabled never?

Anyway if I don't use gps, N.S.A or some other KingIdeaTeam can locate me by 3 radio antennas. It's very simple, planned before ww2.

And I use old mobile phone operator can record everything. And what that big firms say: trust we, we don't give your data to anywhere. But why they take it first? Why they take our data if they don't need it?

I'm sure some N.S.A monkey comes to troll that message. Is there any way to build real security in that world. Or is it future of security firms, do your business, don't care is data and identity really secured?

Do we have any opinions for that fake business what takes out our motivation to do job by joy?
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10-15-2015, 12:44 AM
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RE: No security, no joy
The only thing that gives them big trouble is encryption.
Encrypted harddisk, encrypted internet connection, encrypted keyboard/mouse input.
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