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Link builders / spammers are BANNED
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Link builders / spammers are BANNED
Apparently people have not been paying attention to forum rules well and thinking if some of them have gotten past spam filters and manual detection, other will also sneak through.

Let me clear the picture. I along with other moderators have been keeping an eye on those who are opening accounts in bulk with the sole purpose of link building and trying in vain to appear as a legitimate users.

Sooner or later, we'll clean this mess up and delete, ban or remove:-

All those who have been posting 'Thank you' or 'nice information' responses.
Opening irrevelant threads with just one or two lines and just putting link backs to Vitamin or Drugs or similar sites, digital camera, memory cards websites.
Majority of them have been registering in bulk from sify(dot)com or sifymail(dot)com domains. I know there are a large number of people employed in stupid SEO services companies based mainly in India (sigh) or doing freelancing link building campaigns. We'll not encourage this form of link building. All link builders will eventually find their efforts going down in drain. As a humble suggestion, please do not register if you do not seriously intend to be a part of community, share what you know & learn what you don't. I'd prefer this forum to have fewer members than having millions looking for just for a backlink with no intentions whatsoever of helping or contributing in this forum.

I have been issuing warnings to few of such fellas here, I hope they will mend their ways before facing a ban.

I have no problem in users getting a backlink to their website in signature links, however if you do not contribute meaningfully, I'll delete the signatures, sooner or later.

Do not post

Nice information.
Thanks for the post
Very nice post
Love this information
Thanks this is good info
Useful post
Very nice mate

and similar one liners just to get a signature link back.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FOOL US by putting an anchor text link in the bottom of your post disguising it as a signature. INSTANT BAN and All POSTS DELETED if you put your anchor text back link inside the post.

WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY ZERO TOLERANCE TO SPAM. Your tricks to spam the forum are most unlikely to work here.
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