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computer taken over? I don't know what is going on
11-18-2011, 02:09 PM
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computer taken over? I don't know what is going on
Begging for help here. If any one can identify whats going on and how to zorch it I would really be grateful.

I'm pasting what I put up in Yahoo answers here, I don't know enough about computers to even tell whats going on much less deal with it.

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Computer hacked? remotely taken over?
I'm wondering if my computer has been remotely controlled / taken over somehow and how to prevent this if so. Several weeks ago I left my comp. running while doing other things and came back to find instead of shutting down to the log in screen it opened 40+ porn browsers AND a comp. control services? screen that seemed to have to do with computer settings. From time to time there after it did odd things, didn't shut down to log=in, browsers started up on own and showed odd searches history and things I had not looked at in Yahoo news showed the changed colors indicating those storys had been viewed etc. I downloaded and used Anti Malware bytes, AVG, Avast and a couple of other search and destroy sorts of anti-virus type things from C-Nets free downloads. Problems varied but never completely went away for more than a couple days. 3 days ago I came back to the comp. to find very vile multiple porn browsers (about 60? browser screens) and said the heck with it. I downloaded some freeware that was supposed to overwrite the hard drive and zorched it. I re-loaded windows from the disks that came with the computer ( the comp. had been set up by BEST BUY for someone who did not pick it up and came with the disks already made) and things seemed O.K. I did not have much in the way of songs-pictures etc. on the comp. and I saved NONE of that, complete wipe and re-load I thought. The first thing I did when I re-started it was delete the Wild Tangent games where an anti virus had shown some sort of virus setting it self up before. All seemed well till tonight I woke up the comp. ( in sleep mode since early this morning) and started looking at Yahoo news only to find storys I've not looked at showing with the color changed headline indicating they have been looked at. The comp. has not slowed down or anything else yet but I'm pissed off and worried about this. Any Ideas of whats going on and how to end it would be deeply appreciated.
I am the only user and live alone, no-one else has even used this since new.

Comp. info;
Compaq presario cq5000y Windows 7 (set up in store by Best Buy for another customer, minor dif.s between what the set-up was when I got it and after re-loading the O/S)
monitor HP s2031
router Actiontec PK5000
scanner/printer Cannon MP150 (seldom connected)
Qwest ( now Century link?) phone / internet service in Tucson area.
browsers used currently IE and Chrome, prev. also used Firefox
30 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
Current anti viruses running; Norton and Anti malWare Bytes
5 minutes ago
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