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Two factor authentication
02-08-2012, 07:04 AM
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Two factor authentication
I am trying to lockdown my Windows 7 Laptop with a Two Factor Authentication solution. I current have a TOTP OATH token that I use for various websites and servers I control. I like the fact that I have one token and know the seed for it so I can actually set up security on other servers. However, these are all Linux machines that I have it working on.

I am not looking for something I can install locally on my laptop that doesn't require a network of servers with all sorts of security verification systems running on them. I wan a stand alone system that I can install on my laptop so when I boot it up, either at the BIOS level or the windows login level it will ask me for my 6 digit one time token ID.

Does anyone know of any solutions where I can use my current token (I am not looking for a solution that will require additional USB tokens or anything else, just something where I can use my current token) to secure my laptop.

I need something relatively cheap as once I get this working I'm going to have to deploy it to other PC's and laptops in my organization.

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