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When my PC was delivered, and evaluation copy of McAfee Command Centre was
pre installed. As I prefer to use my own antivrus product as well as Windows
own firewall, I uninstalled McAfee. Although it didn't fully install, I
removed the files left behind with the removal tool provided by McAfee. I
installed my own antivirus product, aVast, and activated Windows firewall. If
I look in Security Centre, the is a conflict warning saying that I have two
firewalls activated.

For some reason, McAfee is still shown as being present as both a firewall
and antivirus protection. I don't know how this can be because McAfee is no
longer on my computer. Furthermore I cannot find any way to remove the
reference to McAfee.

Can anyone please help.
Looks like McAfee has not been properly uninstalled. Sometimes, that happens. You'll need to run a good reliable registry cleaner. Registry Mechanic is a good one http://www.pctools.com/registry-mechanic/

For freeware, you can download Ccleaner listed here http://www.ccleaner.com. It has a built in registry cleaning and program uninstall functionality. It should find McAfee left-overs and hopefully remove them. Let us know if it helps.
I suggest you do this before using any other software:
Go to start=>run and type: services.msc . The services window will pop up. Look for Macfee service on the list and double click on it then choose stop in the list.click on the stop button and the service will be stopped. Close services window and start your computer again.Check if the conflict still exists and let me know.
I hope this suggestion will help you work it out.
windows security is one of the major steps to take in our system to safe our system.in this case some file remaining present.for that some points is given.
1.you have to use some tools which will clean unwanted files
2.you have to stop mcafee services.using Start>Run>msconfig then go to services.and stop the services and restart computer and delete it.
For securing windows you must have to use tools, which will detect unneeded files and detect it without warning. You can stop mcafee services very easily with the use of msconfig options from services.
I agree with aakash. You really should use registry cleaner. Registry cleaner will safely clean your computer registry aithout losing any data. Try this it makes your pc error free.
Thanks For sharing best information. Your information is really great and very useful for me. Here some more. The Windows Security Center in Windows XP Service Pack 2. Microsoft learned from discussions with customers that there was confusion as to whether users were taking appropriate steps to protect their systems, or if the steps they were taking were effective.
That is very important topic to share our thought about windows security. It really needful for me.It also called Microsoft security centre in including Microsoft window XP, you have to use some tools which will clean unwanted files. There are many site provide information like Windows security news, articles, tutorials.
To protect the windows with the tools that detect and identify unneeded files without notice. You can stop services of McAfee is very easy to use msconfig, click Services.
Tighten the Settings in Web Explorer
Do NOT run as Administrator or an account with Administrator privileges
Build a Layer of Protection - there's freeware products available on the Web that there is no excuse for not having an adequate defense.
Add an anti-spyware program that has "real-time" protection such as Microsoft's Security Essentials.
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